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Custom Seed Blends

Localized Seed

The seed you get in our local customized seed mixes has adapted to thrive in your particular planting area over multiple generations. Using genetically localized seed helps ensure higher levels of seed germination and propagation.

Open Ended Collection

When you give Comstock Seed access to perform an open-ended harvest at your property, it allows our team to fully evaluate and identify the specific species on site. This enables us to curate a seed mix that not only meets your expectations, but fully exceeds them.

Seed Cleaning

Comstock Seed sets the highest standards possible for every part of the process, including seed cleaning. Every seed collected goes through a meticulous process where they are sorted, cleaned, and inspected.

Excess Seed

At Comstock Seed, we ensure that no seed goes to waste. In the cases where excess seed has been cultivated, clients have the option to purchase the seed back directly from us. If the excess seed is not needed, it will be added to other mixes and conservation projects.

Custom Seed Blends
Seed Delivery

Our Process

Comstock Seed’s clients understand the benefit of robust, genetically localized seed. Because of this, many of them invite our team to their sites for open-ended harvests. Often times, our teams harvest enough excess seed from our clients that we’re able to blend it with other species in our inventory, create new and custom seed blends, and distribute those blends back to the client for even more benefits to local biodiversities and soil health.

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