Comstock Seed specializes in Native Seed acquisition and consultation. Through networking, we inventory shrub, grass, and flower seed, both native and cultivars, suitable for the Western U.S.

Visiting our INVENTORY PAGE will give a listing of species we normally carry. Specializing in custom seed blends for reclamation areas, drought tolerant landscaping, and pastures, we also carry pre-blended turf, pasture and wildflower mixes. Many of our seeds are native collections and are special to drought and wild conditions.
For homeowners and non-professional gardeners we have included information on growing native plants on our RESOURCE Page. This page includes germination tips, planting information and frequently asked questions. Please feel free to investigate native and drought tolerant plants prior to purchasing. Due to a combined philosophy of the importance of our customers and the ecological importance of planting native drought tolerant species; we are dedicated to helping each customer find the perfect seed and/or blend for their particular area. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions concerning your possible purchases.
We also do custom seed collection in your ecotype as well as provide consultation for establishing a collection network in your area. Your local genetic plant varieties are best suited for long term survival and your project's success. Please visit our CUSTOM COLLECTION page for details on obtaining our services for your project.
For a complete description of the projects areas that we have worked with and other miscellaneous Comstock Seed endeavors please visit our PROJECTS PAGE.
If you would like to follow our blog (not updated recently), follow this link: BLOG. Follow us on FACEBOOK for the most up to date information. If you would like a "tour" of Comstock Seed, including the property, employees, and the seed cleaning process, check out ON THE FARM .

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