Comstock Seed has developed several types of working relationships with our clients regarding custom collection of seed.  Please read through the following examples and see if any of the following options would fit your goals.
1)  OPEN ENDED  Some clients request that we harvest as many species from a locality that we can obtain over a defined time period which frequently is several years.  The inventory that we develop can be quite diverse and become blended for several different projects at the same site such as turf alternatives, flower beds, natural community restoration, riparian mitigation, etc. These projects may be utility corridors with a restoration mandate to reseed with species found in close proximity to the corridor.  These corridors may traverse multiple ecotypes and political boundaries creating the need for many different blends over the length of the entire project.
2)  SPECIFIC SPECIES  Many clients have a defined list of species that they are interested in obtaining and we target our efforts towards those.
3)  COMBINATIONS  Many clients realize the benefit of genetically localized seed and invite us to perform open ended harvests at their sites.  We may harvest far more seed of a particular species than they can use.  We will frequently give the client a portion of this seed free and blend it with other species from our inventory to create the desired blends.  The client reserves the right to purchase surplus inventory prior to our company offering the balance on the open market.
4)  SEED CLEANING SERVICES  We have occasionally harvested and cleaned seed at the client's site.  The screenings or byproducts are then used as an organic amendment for the project.  Seed samples may still be submitted to testing labs for pure live seed analysis.  We also contract clean on an hourly basis at our cleaning plant.

Please call Ed Kleiner at 775-265-0090 for special collection and/or cleaning requests.

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